Resources for Health Care Facilities


Health care facilities can take steps to manage the outbreak and protect both their patients and staff.

Be Prepared: stay informed about the local COVID-19 situation; develop, or review, your facility’s emergency plan; establish relationships with key healthcare and public health partners in your community; and create an emergency contact list.

Communicate with Staff and Patients: Share information about what is currently known about COVID-19, the potential for surge, and your facility’s preparedness plans. Provide updates about changes to your policies regarding appointments, providing non-urgent patient care by telephone, and visitors. Consider using your facility’s website or social media pages to share updates.

Protect Your Workforce: Screen patients and visitors for symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing) before entering your healthcare facility; ensure proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE); conduct an inventory of available PPE.

Protect Your Patients: Consider strategies to prevent patients who can be cared for at home from coming to your facility potentially exposing themselves or others to germs.

MHA Updates

COVID-19 Update: MDH Updates COVID-19 Resource Request Process, FEMA Implements Ventilator Request Process (Apr 2)
COVID-19 Update: Potential Medication Shortages, MHA Seeks Action From Payers During COVID-19 Crisis (Apr 1)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Providing 100 Tents for Hospitals, Hospitals’ Use of Hotels (Mar 31)
COVID-19 Update: CMS Offers Accelerated Payments for Providers, MHA Partners with MIEMSS, CRISP to Streamline Hospital Field Survey Questions (Mar 30)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Medicaid Expands Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement During COVID-19 Emergency (Mar 28)
COVID-19 Update: FEMA Guidance on Expense Reimbursement, HSCRC Approves Charging Structure for Telehealth and COVID-19 Lab Testing (Mar 27)
COVID-19 Update: Childcare Closing Tomorrow Evening: May Affect Essential Personnel (Mar 26)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Struggles With Supply of COVID-19 Testing Equipment, Hospitals Surveyed on Surge Planning, and more (Mar 26)
COVID-19 Update: Expanded Childcare For Essential Workers, How to Request PPE, and more (Mar 25)
COVID-19 Update: Sec. Neall Issues Directives for Health Facilities (Mar 24)
COVID-19 Action Items: Continuum of Care Model—Patient Flow for managing surge capacity (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update Childcare, CMS Quality Reporting, Maryland Medicaid, More (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update Gov. Hogan Order on Elective Surgeries, More (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update: Childcare Availability (Mar 23)
Toward Better Health: Childcare Opportunities for Emergency Workers, MHCC Updates Guidance on Emergency CON (Mar 22)
COVID-19 Action Items: Bed Capacity (Mar 22)
COVID-19 Update: Guidance on Drive-Through Testing, UW Medicine in Washington Releases Policies, Protocols for COVID-19 (Mar 21)
COVID-19 Update: Childcare Update For Essential Hospital Employees, Offers of Donations (Mar 20)
COVID-19 Update: Surge/Capacity, CMS, CDC Guidance on Elective Surgeries, Strategies for PPE (Mar 19)
COVID-19 Update: Emergency Expansion of Telehealth Services Covered by Medicare (Mar 17 pm)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Seeks Hospital Info on Hospital Bed Surge Capacity (Mar 17 am)
Toward Better Health: Childcare for hospital employees, HSCRC reimbursement plans and guidance on COVID-19 testing (Mar 15)
COVID-19 Update: Response Needed Monday: Laboratory Specimen Collection (Mar 15)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Executive Action to Stop Covid-19 Spread (Mar 13)
Member Alert: Gov. Hogan Takes Executive Action to Stop COVID-19 Spread (Mar 12)
COVID-19 Daily Briefing (Mar 9)
Member Call: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from Maryland Department of Health and Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (Mar 5)
Maryland General Assembly, House of Delegates: Health and Government Operations Committee Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from MDH (Mar 4)


Recommendations & Guidance 

Caring with Limited Resources during the COVID-19 Crisis: A Compilation of Resources for Your Team (Apr 1)
Maryland Insurance Administration: Request to Address Payer Practices and Coverage During COVID-19 (Apr 1)
AHA asks HHS and CMS to distribute to rural and urban hospitals and health systems funds from the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund that were designated for providers in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (Mar 31)
CMS Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) Requirements and Implications Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (Revised) (Mar 30)
CMS Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Hospitals, Psychiatric Hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs): FAQs, Considerations for Patient Triage, Placement, Limits to Visitation and Availability of 1135 waivers (Mar 30)
Letter to the Honorable Mary Ellen Barbera, Chief Judge: Request all courts to hold virtual hearings for emergency issues of guardianship, recommend all courts allow cases to be initiated by submitting documentation electronically (Mar 30)
Secretary Neall and Secretary Padilla: develop appropriate transition out of the hospital for some of Maryland’s most vulnerable people—foster youth and individuals experiencing homelessness. (Mar 24)
MHCC Regulatory Guidance - Emergency CON Overview (Mar 21)
Maryland Request for Section 1135 Waiver Flexibilities Related to Novel Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) National Emergency and Public Health Emergency (Mar 20)
AHA New Information on Elective Surgery, PPE Conservation and Additional COVID-19 Issues (Mar 19)
CMS Adult Elective Surgery and Procedures Recommendations: Limit all non-essential planned surgeries and procedures, including dental, until further notice (Mar 15)
CDC Steps Healthcare Facilities Can Take Now to Prepare for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (Mar 6)
Priorities for the US Health Community Responding to COVID-19 (Mar 3)


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