MHA’s strategic plan promotes health equity and works to combat disparities. MHA’s member-led Health Equity Advisory Committee addresses social determinants of health, and supports diversity and inclusion efforts in the hospital and health system workforce.

Inequities in access to health care, as well as in the quality and outcomes of care, are detrimental to the health of our whole community. As hospitals work to address social needs of individual patients and challenges in our communities, it’s clear that access to better housing, food, and transportation is crucial to people’s ability to become healthier. In our journey toward health equity, MHA leans on its mission, “To advance health care across our state and the health of all Marylanders.”

Work Groups and Task Forces 

Health Equity Advisory Committee | Roster

The Health Equity Advisory Committee focuses on improving workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion, and increasing health equity for all Marylanders. The Committee will support fieldwide efforts to build cultural competency to deliver excellent patient care and address clinical inequalities contributing to outcome differences. They aim to understand and improve social determinants of health, hospital culture, communication with marginalized communities, and health policy.

Meeting Dates

    Health Equity Advisory Committee Meeting Dates 

    • August 8, 2024 | 10 a.m. – Noon
    • November 7, 2024 | 9:00 a.m. – Noon
    • December 12, 2024 | 10 a.m. – Noon


    Meeting Materials


    Birth Outcomes Accountability Work Group

    Physicians, hospital executives, academics, and other leaders in the maternal and child health field in Maryland come together in the Birth Outcomes Accountability Work Group to improve maternal health equity. The group reviews data, shares best practices, and recommends strategies to address barriers to maternal health equity.


    Maternal Health

    Birth Equity
    The Maryland Patient Safety Center and the Maryland Hospital Association have partnered to create educational tools for non-obstetric providers to address the substantial disparity in maternal morbidity rate for Black birthing people in Maryland. This effort to help providers and patients recognize early warning signs and identify and mitigate their biases will amplify the implicit bias training and expansion of perinatal resources throughout the state.

    Building Toward Health Equity: A Report on Maryland Hospitals' Progress

    MHA Health Equity Report - Building Toward Health Equity: A Report on Maryland Hospitals' Progress

    Click here for MHA's report which showcases our collective efforts to achieve health equity.

    HANYS Health Equity Measures and Standards

    HANYS Health Equity Measures and Standards

    The Healthcare Association of New York State's Health Equity Measures and Standards tool provides health equity and hospital quality experts with key information on the measures, performance standards, timelines and other details that are grouped into 15 health equity topic areas. This interactive tool allows you to search for measures and standards that affect your hospital. 

    Managing Patient Bias Toolkit

    Managing Patient Bia Toolkit

    Click here for resources to help hospitals manage patient bias and requests for provider concordance.