• Marylanders Invited to #JoinMdHealth: Successful Hospital Workforce Recruitment Campaign Extended

    January 09, 2024
    With an estimated one in every five nursing positions vacant statewide, and numerous other openings including in administrative roles, security, engineering, and nutrition services, the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) is relaunching its impactful JoinMdHealth workforce recruitment campaign.
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  • Senator Melony G. Griffith Named President & CEO of the Maryland Hospital Association

    October 06, 2023
    The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) has named Melony G. Griffith as its new President & CEO. This position is an extension of Melony’s life work as a problem-solver, organizer, and community health advocate,” notes Thomas Kleinhanzl, MHA Board of Trustees Chair. “As a state lawmaker for over 24 years, Senator Griffith has built a stellar reputation, relationships, and policy knowledge that will advance our Association and our hospitals through the coming years. She is a collaborator who brings together competing ideas and needs, finds consensus, and builds the best solutions for our communities and our state.”
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  • MHA Announces New Board of Trustees Members

    July 12, 2023
    The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) is proud to announce its 2023-24 Board of Trustees. The new Board is comprised of health care and community leaders from across the state.
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  • Maryland Celebrates National Hospital Week May 7-13

    May 04, 2023
    National Hospital Week, May 7-13, is an opportunity to appreciate the people who provide lifesaving care to Marylanders 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.
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  • Hospitals Invite Marylanders to JoinMdHealth

    February 06, 2023
    The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) and its members—the state’s 60 hospitals and health systems—launched a digital marketing campaign to address historic workforce shortages in health care., invites students as well as those looking for new opportunities, to pursue careers in health or educational opportunities that lead to hospital careers.
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  • Maryland Hospitals Near Capacity: The Maryland Hospital Association, Hospitals Ask for the Public’s Support

    January 05, 2023
    Across the state there has been another steep uptick in Marylanders needing hospitalization for COVID, plus other conditions. Most hospitals are over 90% full, with many at 100%. Hospitals will take care of everyone, but wait times are longer.
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