Caring for Survivors of Sexual Assault

There are hospital-based sexual assault forensic medical programs across the state, covering almost every county, where specially trained forensic nurse examiners are available to care for survivors of sexual assault, abuse, neglect, interpersonal violence and human trafficking. State law ensures survivors of sexual assault have access to emergency medical treatment and forensic services for injuries sustained as a result of the assault, with no out-of-pocket expenses. The Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth & Victims Services’ Sexual Assault Reimbursement Unit (SARU) is the state entity responsible for the reimbursement of these medical and forensic services.

Pilot Program for Preventing HIV Infection for Rape Victims (nPEP Pilot Program)

The nPEP Pilot Program was established by law in 2019 to provide access to the full course of HIV prophylactic medication (28 days) at no cost to patients. The SARU is responsible for administering the three year nPEP Pilot Program and has developed guidance document and reimbursement forms. This guidance document describes the protocols for administration and billing for the medical care, medication, and follow-up care for sexual assault survivors who qualify for HIV prophylactic medication according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) and the National Clinicians Consultation Center’s clinical criteria.

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