As COVID-19 cases and deaths climbed in Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan issued an order at the end of March 2020 asking all residents to stay home unless they were engaged in essential work. The next morning, thousands of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers reported, as always, to Maryland hospitals—placing their own lives, and the lives of their families, at risk to care for Marylanders. The fight continues to this day.

The dedication of Maryland hospital caregivers never abated, even when COVID cases surged and supply chains were strained past their limits. And the pandemic continues.

The taller the challenge, the deeper the commitment of our hospitals and health systems to excel in caring for Maryland. Healing happens every day, in every way, in Maryland’s teaching, community, and specialty hospitals. Children and parents beating cancer. Grandparents surviving strokes and restoring function. Babies born healthy, with bright futures. Accident victims helped to walk again. Psychiatric and substance use disorder patients gaining independence. And now, thousands of COVID victims recovering from a disease unimagined just months ago.

Our health care heroes brighten the lives of Maryland families every day. Please honor their commitment and contributions. Make sensible policy and legislative choices to support Maryland hospitals and health care heroes.

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The teams at Maryland hospitals risk their own lives as they are called upon to treat some of the sickest COVID patients. These health care heroes come to work every day and see the suffering of their fellow Marylanders with the hope to see them sent home safely to recover. We support the Maryland Health Care Heroes Protection Act to enhance liability protections during catastrophic health emergencies for these heroes who work every day to treat patients and save lives.

Gov. Hogan’s emergency orders and legislation passed by the General Assembly last year allowed for increased utilization of telehealth during the pandemic. To ensure Marylanders continue to have access to these health care services, legislation to make permanent telehealth flexibilities that were granted for the pandemic will be a key priority. We also advocate for parity in reimbursements by third-party payers for telehealth appointments.

Maryland hospitals are the driving force behind community initiatives that empower healthy neighbors and neighborhoods. Even during the COVID pandemic, this work never stopped. In fact, it became even more important as we worked to keep people out of the hospital. It’s clear that our commitment to equity in social, economic, environmental and other domains, further enhances the work we do. We urge the General Assembly to pass policies to enhance health equity and allow our hospitals to continue supporting the health of all Marylanders both inside and outside the hospital doors.