• Collaboration and Cooperation

    January 29, 2024
    This week has been another of collaborative thinking at the Association offices in Elkridge. In addition to visiting three more hospitals (54 more to go!), we hosted a number of meetings where it was clear that working closely with each other and key stakeholders will get us further than on our own.
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  • The Heart in Health Care

    January 22, 2024
    Each day, thousands of Marylanders spend at least a portion of their day visiting a hospital. Whether it’s an outpatient visit, a scheduled procedure, the celebratory birth of a baby, or an unscheduled and unwelcome emergency visit, Maryland hospitals are there for their communities.
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  • Leading Together

    January 16, 2024
    For decades, January has been an exciting—and busy—time for me as I prepared to represent my constituents in the state and in Prince George’s County during the 90-day legislative session. These initial days of 2024 have been just as exciting, and certainly just as busy, as I’ve been getting to know MHA and making my way around the state to meet with all of you, as well as elected leaders, hospital regulators, and other stakeholders.
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  • New CEO Spotlight: Melony G. Griffith

    January 05, 2024
    MHA is excited to start the new year with a new President & CEO, Melony G. Griffith, at the helm. In just her first couple of weeks with the Association, Melony is already getting to know you, learn more about your priorities, and establish solid footing for MHA and the hospital field heading into the legislative session and the work to figure out the future of Maryland’s Total Cost of Care Model.
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