• B.I.R.T.H Equity Maryland

    July 11, 2022
    Nationwide, Black mothers are twice as likely as others to suffer pregnancy complications and three to four times more likely to die as a result. Maryland is no exception. And with our population being 32% Black (versus 12.5% for the U.S.) the adverse impact is more pronounced here.
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  • Caring4Md, Voting4Md

    June 27, 2022
    Through our Caring4Md, Voting4Md effort, MHA—for the first time—hosted virtual forums for hospital leaders to meet and question five leading candidates for governor.
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  • MHA Annual Meeting Recap

    June 22, 2022
    Last week, more than 150 hospital and health system leaders gathered in Baltimore for MHA’s Annual Membership Meeting—our first since 2019.
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  • Relief and Recovery

    June 13, 2022
    The Health Services Cost Review Commission’s (HSCRC) move Wednesday to raise per capita revenue by 3.38% is welcome news as Maryland hospitals reset from the pandemic and cope with workforce challenges and cost inflation.
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  • Mental Health Crisis

    June 06, 2022
    A children’s mental health crisis was building before the COVID-19 pandemic. It has now reached emergency proportions—a “tsunami,” according to Brad Schlaggar, CEO of Kennedy Krieger Institute.
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  • New Equity and Diversity Collaborative

    May 23, 2022
    In the summer of 2020, each of your hospitals and health systems signed on to MHA’s fieldwide commitment to racial equity. Since that time, your organizations have been hard at work improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. You have built-in new ways to address social determinants of health and improve the health of your patients, communities, and employees.
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  • Get Out the Vote

    May 16, 2022
    This year, for the first time in a century, contests for Maryland’s four statewide constitutional offices—governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and comptroller—will not have any incumbents on the ballot. Plus, 15% of state senators and 20% of delegates will not run for re-election.
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  • Retreat and Reset

    May 09, 2022
    As COVID-19 seems to have lost a bit of steam, the concerns left in its wake are real and need to be addressed – particularly financial matters and the workforce shortage. The reality is that one out of every four nursing positions in the state is open. At the same time, 57% of hospitals in Maryland had negative margins to date in rate year 2022. If you take out the one-time federal pandemic funding, we are looking at significant losses at every hospital in the state.
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  • Hospital Presidents Meet

    May 02, 2022
    Last Wednesday, 30 hospital and health system presidents joined together at the first member meeting held at MHA’s office in Elkridge in more than two years. We joined together to talk about Maryland Model design innovations, financial policies, legislative successes, and the ongoing review of Association governance.
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  • The Cost of Inflation

    April 25, 2022
    If you’ve filled up your gas tank lately or bought groceries for your family, it’s clear inflation has driven up costs significantly. The steep and sudden rise in inflation—an estimated 8.5% according to the Consumer Price Index—takes a toll on your hospitals as well. Everything you use to care for your patients is more costly now.
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  • Historic Gains for Hospitals

    April 18, 2022
    Maryland’s legislature packed scores of high-profile bills into the 90-day session that ended April 11—from climate change and paid family leave to redistricting and other election-year priorities. Together with your government affairs leaders, we made sure legislators treated health care as a key priority, too.
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  • U.S. Milestones and Health Care in Maryland

    April 11, 2022
    Last week, our nation made history, confirming the first Black woman justice of the Supreme Court: Ketanji Brown Jackson. We hope that having the nation’s highest court better reflect the U.S. population will, over the long haul, improve the odds of achieving one of our own aims—health equity.
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  • MHA Out Front

    April 04, 2022
    For much of the past two years, hasn’t it felt as if we’ve been running just ahead of a steamroller? Unpacking the latest science, reacting to ever-changing guidance and rules, and living with constant uncertainty in operational, clinical, and financial domains?
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  • Back Together

    March 28, 2022
    For the first time since 2019, MHA is excited to invite hospital and health system leaders to our Annual Member Meeting. When hospitals in Maryland saw their first cases of COVID-19, around this time two years ago, we canceled in-person experiences, including our annual meeting. We considered offering you a virtual experience but determined your time was better spent focusing on protecting staff and meeting patients’ needs. Plus, part of the annual meeting experience is the opportunity to socialize with peers from across the state.
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  • Protecting Hospital Teams

    March 21, 2022
    Violence should not be part of the job for your hospital employees. You go to great lengths to make facilities safer for your staff, patients, and visitors. That includes major investments in security teams, cameras, panic buttons, and security alerts. You provide special training and track triggers for early intervention.
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  • Community Impact

    March 14, 2022
    Earlier this month I attended the American Hospital Association’s Regional Policy Board meeting along with two Maryland hospital leaders who serve as delegates to that body. It was no surprise to hear intense discussion on workforce challenges—burnout, violence, attrition, and costs.
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  • Legislative Momentum

    March 07, 2022
    With two weeks until the crossover deadline, MHA is making good and substantial progress on the hospital field’s legislative priorities. Well before the Maryland General Assembly began the 90-day session, we knew that efforts to strengthen your workforce would be our top priority. We have held true to that commitment, seeking more resources and state support, including a dedicated loan repayment program for nurses and nursing assistants.
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  • Still Heroes

    February 28, 2022
    It was two years ago this week that the first COVID-19 inpatients were admitted to Maryland hospitals. As we enter this new phase in the pandemic, we reflect on the incredible strength and bravery of your hospital workforce. Cases and hospitalizations are reaching more manageable levels, and public attention on COVID has begun to wane. Yet, the state’s nurses, doctors, and other caregivers are still on the front lines fighting this pandemic, keeping us safe, and recovering from a 730-day campaign. They are still heroes.
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  • Voices for Social Responsibility

    February 21, 2022
    Maryland hospitals are places of health and healing for your patients. Your organizations may also be the largest institutions in your communities. As such, you are often asked to speak up when social justice concerns arise, whether in your neighborhood or around the world.
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  • A Stronger, More Diverse Health Care Workforce

    February 14, 2022
    A more diverse and inclusive health care workforce makes all our organizations stronger and improves health care for all Marylanders. Yet, data show we have a long way to go.
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