• Cracks Starting to Show

    March 20, 2023
    Your hospitals, like others nationwide, unfortunately are now accustomed to operating under extreme staffing shortages. Once-in-a-lifetime challenges have strained your workforce, but for the most part remain hidden from your patients.
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  • A Way Forward

    March 13, 2023
    The average wait time in a Maryland hospital emergency department—roughly 3.5 hours by one measure—has been in the spotlight, both in Annapolis and in the media. For a state considered a national leader in EMS and trauma care, our ED wait times have consistently been among the longest in the nation. Some of the causes are known, and some we are still uncovering.
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  • Working for Your Workforce

    March 05, 2023
    With just two weeks until the General Assembly crossover deadline, MHA’s advocacy team and your government affairs leads have partnered together to make considerable progress on the field’s top priority—growing the health care workforce.
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  • A Discussion with the Maryland Secretary of Health: Partnering for a Healthier Maryland

    February 27, 2023
    On Friday morning, Maryland Secretary of Health Laura Herrera Scott, M.D., visited the MHA offices to speak with and hear directly from hospital leaders. Secretary Herrera Scott shared that during her first 30 days she has begun a deep dive into the available data and an assessment of staffing, partnerships, and processes. She praised hospitals for their role as “an incredible partner in the state’s care delivery system.”
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