The Maryland Department of Health has encouraged the formation of a multi-stakeholder-led group to ensure the goals of the new Total Cost of Care Model will be achieved. MHA is leading this effort to convene a Stakeholder Innovation Group (SIG) and work with our state partners to influence the broader innovation strategy. The SIG members — physicians, hospitals, post-acute and behavioral health providers, payers and consumer groups —will provide recommendations to the Secretary of Health and state agency partners on opportunities to sustain and spread health care delivery transformation by: developing the framework that will be used to inventory Maryland’s current transformation efforts and identify high-opportunity strategies in support of population health and goals of the Maryland Model. These recommendations will include new payment models and programs that require federal approval as well as opportunities to disseminate proven models and programs that will support the goals of the Maryland Model.

Stakeholder Innovation Group (SIG) Roster


Stakeholder Innovation Group Webinar (Sep 2020)

Stakeholder Innovation Group Webinar (Jun 2020)

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