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Maryland's Hospitals and You

Maryland's hospitals work to keep all Marylanders healthy before they need hospital services and, should they need care in a hospital, to make sure they stay healthy once treated. The most important person in making sure you stay healthy is, of course, you. Hospitals have several resources available to help you understand your health and to navigate Maryland's health care system. The Maryland Patient Safety Center also has resources to help.

Maryland's Medicaid Tax

In caring for patients and communities, Maryland’s hospitals work to keep health care affordable and efficient. That includes efforts to reduce the state’s hidden tax on hospital care — a tax that has cumulatively added $2.1 billion to costs over the past seven years and hikes every hospital bill by 3 percent.

Passed in 2009 as a temporary measure to shore up a deficit in the state’s Medicaid program, the tax was $19 million that first year. It is now $365 million, a more than 1,800 percent increase.

Thanks to the governor and the state legislature, an agreement was reached to reduce this hidden tax through a $25 million annual spend-down, culminating with its elimination. This will help Marylanders receive the efficient and high-quality health care they expect and deserve.

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Sick Tax Issue Paper 2018

2018 Sick Tax Infographic

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