MHA's Legislative Focus

November 20, 2023

With less than two months until the start of the 2024 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly, MHA is working to advance the field’s legislative agenda.

Approved by MHA’s Board of Trustees, MHA will advocate to: 

  • Ensure access to care and improve hospital throughput for all Marylanders 
    Making certain all Marylanders have seamless access to quality health care by enhancing hospital throughput, eliminating barriers that hinder smooth transitions to the next level of care, and ensuring equitable access. 
  • Strengthen Maryland's health care and hospital workforce 
    Recognizing the invaluable role of health care professionals, we aim to fortify Maryland's health care and hospital workforce. 
  • Protect Maryland's liability climate and maintain the state as a viable place to practice medicine
    Protecting against further erosion in the state’s existing liability climate, until comprehensive reform can be achieved, is integral to sustaining Maryland as a premier location for medical practice. 

Just as important will be legislation we will defend against hospital detractors, including a variety of anticipated bills that would harm health and health care in our state. MHA is working with your own GA leaders to champion your interests throughout the 90-day session. 

The MHA Government Affairs and Policy team is joined this session by Pegeen Townsend, former MedStar vice president of government affairs and MHA SVP of legislative policy, along with lobbyists from Cornerstone Government Affairs. Our combined expertise, relationships, and commitment ensure that your concerns are not only heard but actively addressed, paving the way for a health care landscape that benefits all. 

As we prepare for the session, your support and engagement are crucial. Stay tuned for calls to action and opportunities to contribute to the advancement of our shared goals. 
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