Showing Gratitude

May 08, 2023

In the weeks before National Hospital Week, which begins today, MHA asked Marylanders to share how the care you and your hospitals deliver every day has made their life better. 

The responses were incredible—and often emotional. They spoke about the cancer care that saved them or their loved ones. They enthusiastically thanked the caregivers who are always there to offer care and comfort. 

Real Marylanders are showing gratitude for you and your teams and want you to know how much the work you do matters. 

This appreciation is included in the video below recognizing and honoring the special work you do each day. 

To help celebrate Hospital Week, we also released resources that are now available on our website, including: 

We also coordinated with Royal Farms to provide free hot drinks for some of your employees during the weeklong celebration. Coupons were mailed to hospital leadership to distribute. 

Hospital Week is an opportunity for us—and all of Maryland—to show how much we value and appreciate you. Thank you. 

Hospital Week

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