Nonpartisan Mission of Care

August 24, 2020 By: Bob Atlas, President & CEO

The coronavirus has altered every aspect of our lives—even the process by which we select our elected leaders. The unconventional party conventions have gone digital, and many more people are expected to vote by mail in November.

And, while this election promises to be among the most bitterly fought than any in recent memory, it is important to recognize that people may be partisan, but hospital care never is. Our nurses, doctors, and front-line workers deliver the best possible care to all, no matter what.

Yet, we are not oblivious to the weight of health care on elections. Health care still ranks among voters’ top priorities, and elections have a direct impact on payers, providers, and patients.

Now, with just over 70 days until Election Day, the focus on health care is heightened as the coronavirus pandemic—and the incredible heroism of hospital employees—are front and center.

Emotions are running especially high this year, yet we maintain our focus on our nonpartisan mission of care. That doesn’t change when a new administration enters the White House. It is one reason MHA, as well as the American Hospital Association, does not endorse presidential candidates.

We do, though, recognize the important voice of those who work in the hospital field. We are working to identify additional ways to elevate those voices directly to elected officials—to demonstrate how they are Caring for Maryland and ensure leaders will listen when we make our case to them.

After the votes are tallied, we will continue to focus on what is most important: caring for the patients and communities who rely upon our services, with no thought about how we voted as individuals.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO

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