Taking on Coronavirus in Maryland

March 09, 2020

Your hospitals are clearly on the front lines, already being called and visited by people who believe they have symptoms and want to be tested or treated. This all needs to be managed.

It’s evident MDH is doing all they can, particularly in testing. Several of our health systems report they are standing up their own testing capabilities as well.

It’s also plain that so much more is needed and that MDH is welcoming the hospital field’s leadership in protecting Marylanders.

MHA was already coordinating between hospitals, state agencies and others, including nursing facilities and health plans. As the new week begins, we will intensify this effort. It will be valuable if we can all follow consistent protocols for patient triage, including through remote means so EDs don’t get swamped; handling patients in primary/urgent care settings; specimen collection for people believed to warrant testing; health facility visitor policies; messaging to patients and the public generally; and much more.

Other state hospital associations are sharing what they’ve done, and we’re leveraging their learnings as we proceed.

Meghan McClelland , MHA’s senior vice president of operations, is leading our effort. She already knows the point people at all hospitals and health systems and will work through them on further coordination.

To find the latest news for Maryland hospitals compiled in one place, go to mhaonline.org/coronavirus . We will update that page steadily.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO