1 Mission of Care

In 2018, Maryland’s hospitals admitted 600,000 patients, treated more than 5 million outpatients—including 2.3 million in emergency departments—and delivered more than 67,000 babies. They also invested a combined $1.75 billion in community benefit.

2 Support for All

Hospitals care for all regardless of ability to pay, including some 417,000 uninsured and even more underinsured Marylanders. Care for those unable to pay totaled $744 million last year—about $2 million a day.

3 Not-For-Profit Purpose

All of Maryland’s acute care hospitals are nonprofit organizations dedicated to delivering high-quality health care and improving the health of all Marylanders.

4 Economic Drivers

Hospitals are among Maryland’s largest employers—directly employing 108,000 people, most who live in the communities they serve, and supporting 120,000 related jobs. They provide $32 billion of yearly economic impact.

5 Health Care Savings & Quality

Maryland’s unique system of regulated hospital payment keeps health costs in check—saving more than $1 billion—while ensuring hospitals offer state-of-the-art care.