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Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means Advance Opioid Bills

The voluntary turnover rate of health care staff is the second highest among all sectors at 15.3 percent.

No wonder we’re so concerned about a shortage of doctors and nurses….we keep having to replace them! But what if a little extra effort when we we’re hiring them was able to reduce the turnover rate by 5 or 10 percent. Would we be willing to make that investment? Making selection decisions is much more sophisticated than it once was. We now know how to hire people who actually “fit well” into our organization. And the only requirement is that it takes up-front time and effort (to plan), and a practiced skill (to interview). Managers often don’t take the time to adequately plan their interviewing and, if staff are involved in the process, they don’t often have the skills to adequately interpret job candidate’s answers. We can help with both of those concerns. Our program "Hiring For Fit" is a starting point for people who know that the selection decision is crucial to success. And with our coaching and assistance along the way, a selection plan can be developed to serve managers now and in the future.

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Are you looking for an approach to technology that fixes not just medical equipment, but the workflow and inventory management challenges health care organizations face?

Through an exclusive agreement with Prime and Vizient, Aramark Healthcare Technologies is offering guaranteed savings of 21 percent based on the total annual biomedical and diagnostic imaging service costs (over $2 million) of your hospital or IDN.

TechnologyLife is how they harness the collective expertise of their 1,600 employed technicians, engineers, and program support staff to design and deploy customized solutions that improve equipment performance and utilization while also reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

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The House Energy and Commerce Committee this week approved more than 20 bills to address the opioid crisis.

Among other measures, the bills would require the Department of Health and Human Services to establish an action plan to address the opioid crisis; instruct the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to evaluate the use of telehealth services to treat substance use disorders; and would require state Children's Health Insurance Programs to cover mental health benefits. The committee is continuing to mark up additional bills Thursday. Wednesday, the House Ways and Means Committee approved its own package of bills to address the opioid crisis.