Top 10 Things To Know About Maryland Hospitals:

  • We are many communities’ top employers, with 104,000 people; we provide $6.9 billion in salaries and benefits to Marylanders and spend another $14.2 billion for goods and services in the state.
  • The ripple effect we have on Maryland’s economy supports another 206,000 jobs, with a total impact on the state’s labor income of $12 billion, and a total impact on economic activity across the state of $28.8 billion.
  • Maryland has a unique, state-run hospital rate-setting system that controls hospital costs, maximizes access to care, and provides accountability to the public. Hospitals do not set their prices; the state does.
  • We are not-for-profit organizations, governed by trustees who are local community volunteers and leaders.
  • We provide care to all — regardless of ability to pay. Hospitals are one of the few places Marylander’s estimated 420,000 uninsured people can go to get the care they need.
  • Care for the uninsured through Maryland’s all-payor system totals $1.2 billion each year — more than $3.2 million a day.
  • In fiscal 2013, Maryland’s hospitals provided $1.5 billion in community benefits, including outreach services and programs aimed at specific community health needs.
  • Maryland’s hospitals are committed to making Maryland a national paragon of safety and quality by achieving the “Triple Aim” for health care: greater patient satisfaction, healthier communities, and lower costs.
  • In 2012, Maryland’s hospitals admitted 659,000 patients, treated 9.8 million outpatients, delivered 68,000 babies, and saw 2.6 million people in our emergency departments.
  • Maryland’s hospitals are open 24/7, providing quality care every day of the year. 

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  • Trust and Triple Aim

    June 26, 2015 By: Carmela Coyle
    A quick fact: nationwide, medical doctors make up about 5 percent of hospital leadership. Here in Maryland, that number is a bit higher, a little more than 12 percent. For these men and women who straddle the CEO and physician worlds, the new era of value-driven rather than volume-driven care may be a bit easier to navigate.
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