Top 10 Things To Know About Maryland Hospitals:

  • Maryland’s 56 hospitals are many communities’ top employers, directly employing 101,000 people; we provide $6.9 billion in salaries and benefits to Marylanders, spend $8 billion more on hospital care, and spend another $14.2 billion for goods and services in the state.
  • The ripple effect we have on Maryland’s economy supports more than 210,000 non-hospital jobs, with a total impact on the state’s labor income of $12 billion, and a total impact on economic activity across the state of $29 billion.
  • Maryland has a unique, state-run hospital rate-setting system that controls hospital costs, maximizes access to care, and provides accountability to the public. Hospitals operate under fixed annual budgets to care for entire communities, ensuring that health care costs stay low.
  • We are not-for-profit organizations, governed by trustees who are local community volunteers and leaders.
  • We provide care to all — including an estimated 460,000 uninsured Marylanders — regardless of ability to pay.
  • Uncompensated hospital care — services that hospitals provide to vulnerable or underserved Marylanders but are not paid for — totaled $948 million last year, nearly $2.6 million a day.
  • In fiscal 2014, Maryland’s hospitals provided $1.5 billion in community benefits, including outreach services and programs aimed at specific community health needs.
  • Maryland’s hospitals are committed to making Maryland a national paragon of safety and quality by achieving the “Triple Aim” for health care: improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and lowering per capita costs.
  • In 2014, Maryland’s hospitals admitted 645,265 patients, treated 5,757,296 outpatients, delivered 67,447 babies, and saw 2,144,938 people in our emergency departments.
  • While hospitals’ doors are open every day, 24/7, hospitals are extending their reach beyond their four walls and into their communities to provide proactive and personalized care that keeps people healthy.

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  • Appreciation and Admiration

    April 29, 2016 By: Carmela Coyle
    Next month, hospital leaders have two opportunities to honor the women and men who are the foundation of all that you do. National Nurses Week kicks off May 6 to celebrate the far-reaching yet intimate role nurses play in helping your patients feel better, heal faster, and stay well. National surveys continue to place nurses at the top when it comes to the most trusted profession, according to Gallup polls measuring honesty and ethics in various fields. It is through the actions and words of nurses that trust between provider and patient is developed, and this is especially important in Maryland, where our field has been working hard to anticipate the needs of patients and communities on a deeper level. And often it is the nurse who is able to forge the connection that puts a face to your organization.
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