Waiver Work Groups

Following the federal government’s approval in January 2014 of Maryland’s modernized all payer rate-setting system for hospitals, the state’s Health Services Cost Review Commission named representatives to four work groups charged with providing technical level input and advice on the system’s implementation. 

The Care Coordination work group facilitates multi-stakeholder discussions regarding efficient and effective implementation of population-based and patient-centered Care Coordination to support the new Maryland All-Payer Model.

The purpose of the Consumer Engagement task force is to help HSCRC get the best advice possible from critical stakeholders around the state on principles and strategies that address key audiences and messages that will maximize our success in engaging consumers in achieving the goals of the new Maryland All-Payer Model

The Data and Infrastructure work group is tasked with developing recommendations to the HSCRC on the data and infrastructure requirements needed to support oversight and monitoring of the new model and successful performance. 

The Payment Models work group is tasked with developing recommendations for the HSCRC on the structure of payment models and how to balance its approach to updates. 

The Performance Measurement work group is tasked with developing recommendations for the HSCRC on measures that are reliable, informative, and practical for assessing a number of important issues.

The Physician Alignment and Engagement work group is tasked with developing recommendations on how the new hospital payment models should align and engage with physicians and other health care providers in partnership with patients to achieve the goals of the new model.  

Waiver Watch Newsletter

To keep hospital leaders up to date on the efforts of the work groups as they develop long-term waiver-related policies, MHA transmits the Waiver Watch newsletter on a biweekly basis. Beginning September 2015, Waiver Watch is now monthly.
Please note that any edition of Waiver Watch published prior to July 1, 2015 will contain links that will not work. If you need assistance getting the documents that are linked in these older newsletters, please contact our webmaster.