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Spreading Innovations in Health Care Delivery

This website, endorsed by Maryland’s Stakeholder Innovation Group, offers a glimpse at how many of Maryland’s health care providers and community organizations are working together to improve care delivery.

We urge you to use this site to share innovative programs and practices that improve the health of Maryland’s communities.

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Maryland’s Stakeholder Innovation Group, composed of state health care leaders across the care continuum, is working to identify promising areas of innovation in care delivery. This website, launched by the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA), shines a light on how the state’s health care providers — including hospitals, doctors, skilled nursing facilities, and community organizations — make care more preventive, more personalized, and more productive.

This innovation inventory was compiled from a statewide survey of health care providers and other organizations conducted in 2018. It is updated as new entries are received. Please enter your innovative program aimed at improving the health of your Maryland community.

To query the inventory, filter your search by different categories (county served, target population, care partners, tools and strategies, and program objectives) or use the keyword search field.

The inventory can be used to:

  • Give health care providers innovations to consider for their own organizations
  • Identify initiatives that are candidates for additional investment, either by individual organizations or on a larger scale
  • Bring together community partners that can enhance or amplify transformation efforts

If you have questions, contact Erin Dorrien, Director, Policy & Data Analytics, Maryland Hospital Association, at