Labor of Love

September 05, 2023
In 1894 President Grover Cleveland signed a law specifying the first Monday in September as a workers’ holiday. Today we see Labor Day as a start to the fall season with school starting and the professional pace (and traffic!) accelerating.

This holiday weekend, we want to take a moment to honor and celebrate the incredible strength of the hospital workforce in Maryland. We thank you for your dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Without you and your teams, many of our families, friends, and neighbors would not be with us. Our communities would not be as well cared for, and we would not have the peace of mind that a strong, accessible, statewide hospital system provides.

Your passion, innovation, and sacrifices inspire us to be the best possible advocates for hospitals each and every day. 

The challenges the industry faces are not insurmountable, especially when we stand united. Let's continue to work together, innovate, and support one another, ensuring that the future of health care remains bright and full of promise.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication, for the difference you make, and for the lives you touch.
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