COVID Preparations for Fall

August 29, 2022
Last week, Anthony Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and arguably the face of the government’s COVID-19 response, announced he would leave public service. In announcing his plans, Fauci said while we’re still dealing with COVID, “we’re in a good place now.”

As the school year begins with little masking and more relaxed guidance from the CDC, it seems much of the country agrees and is trying to—once again—learn to live with COVID-19.

In Maryland, we’re welcoming fewer cases and fewer COVID inpatients than our neighboring states, the District, and the nation. But as fall approaches, we must be prepared. We typically see cases rise as people move indoors and, as happened over the past two years, new virus variants emerge.

The unknowns are further exacerbated by the staffing shortage. While you have beds available, they aren’t of use when you don’t have enough qualified people to attend patients and meet other needs.

One thing that is certain with COVID seems to be uncertainty. In the next month boosters aimed at new variants will be accessible for those 12 years and older. This is one more way to avert COVID hospitalizations, and we will help educate the public about the benefits.

So, as fall and winter approach let’s prepare to adapt to seasonal factors, new variants, and other complications.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO
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  • 2022