Better Together

August 22, 2022
Tuesday night we hosted dozens of hospital leaders at MHA headquarters for a rousing discussion about a potential new twist on Global Budget Revenue (seriously!).

There were different perspectives along with many new faces in the room as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other top executives from all parts of the state came together to talk about the need for change, support, and fewer barriers. And, importantly, how we can do better for our communities under Maryland’s heavily regulated system.

This was a superb opportunity to hear your voices as the Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) moves toward a new Model stakeholder input process for the next contract. HSCRC is launching groups to focus on consumer engagement, postacute care, finance, quality, and physician alignment. These groups will meet in coming months to inform the plan that HSCRC must deliver to the CMS Innovation Center (CMMI) ahead of their decision on the future of the Model in 2024.

MHA has already been listening to members through multiple forums and channels to understand where you align on the future Model. This effort will continue and intensify.

We intend to make certain that HSCRC and CMMI hear the voice of the hospital field most prominently. Other stakeholders do matter, but only hospitals and health systems are truly on the hook. We want to determine field-wide consensus positions and deliver a strong, consistent message about what’s needed for long term sustainability.

Let’s work together to make a better future.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO
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