Hospital Presidents Meet

May 02, 2022
Last Wednesday, 30 hospital and health system presidents joined together at the first member meeting held at MHA’s office in Elkridge in more than two years. We joined together to talk about Maryland Model design innovations, financial policies, legislative successes, and the ongoing review of Association governance (see slides from the meeting here).

That gathering, along with the American Hospital Association meeting a few days before, gave us the chance to finally catch up in person with so many of you.

A focus of our conversation with hospital presidents was the efforts underway with the state and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to set the Model on a course for long-range sustainability. This first phase of decisions revolves around current indicators—cost savings and care transformation. Looking further out, we must address quality, population health—especially health equity—and other factors.

We reviewed key performance indicators compiled by MHA to track how all hospitals, collectively, are performing under the current Model contract. These figures compare Maryland to the nation and to past performance. Much to be proud of plus notable opportunities to improve.

It was great to feel the energy in the room and to see the leaders recognize the benefits of unity. We will use all the suggestions to keep advancing our engagement with state and federal partners.

Our next major in-person get-together will be the MHA Annual Meeting in June. Hope to see you there!

Bob Atlas
President & CEO
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