Protecting Hospital Teams

March 21, 2022

Violence should not be part of the job for your hospital employees.

You go to great lengths to make facilities safer for your staff, patients, and visitors. That includes major investments in security teams, cameras, panic buttons, and security alerts. You provide special training and track triggers for early intervention.

Despite these and other extraordinary measures, we’ve sadly seen a rise in violent incidents in our hospitals—much of it directed at your teams.

Last week, I represented MHA in Annapolis, joining several of your hospitals to testify in strong support of Senate Bill 700, which establishes a work group to create a public awareness campaign to prevent workplace violence in health care settings. A companion bill was heard by a House committee last week as well.

Our hospitals are places of health and healing, and this campaign will educate the public about how to keep them that way. Martha Nathanson, Vice President Government Affairs and Community Health for LifeBridge Health, describes it as similar to police asking for the public’s help to solve crimes.

You welcome every person who needs care into your facilities 24/7/365. It’s critical that visitors and patients understand how to respect and support your teams to allow them to do their jobs—delivering high-quality, compassionate care.

Nothing about the workday for a hospital employee is typical or routine. We continue to advocate for measures to prevent and eliminate violence, abuse, and fear from becoming a part of their day.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO

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