Community Impact

March 14, 2022
Earlier this month I attended the American Hospital Association’s Regional Policy Board meeting along with two Maryland hospital leaders who serve as delegates to that body.

It was no surprise to hear intense discussion on workforce challenges—burnout, violence, attrition, and costs.

Listening to the concerns of colleagues from VA, DE, WV, DC, NC, and KY also offered a reminder of the ways Maryland’s health care system is special. Maryland stands out not only for our great hospitals and health systems but also for our Total Cost of Care Model.

The Model, while not perfect, offers Maryland’s hospitals and health systems, as well as payers and people, advantages not available elsewhere. Our Model makes our state stronger thanks to its focus on community, equity, and value.

We are now more than three years into the current agreement and soon our state will start negotiating with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation to determine its future. MHA is educating federal and state leaders about the Model and why it must be extended.

Part of the public-facing effort includes this video, which focuses on some of the ways the Maryland Model helps hospitals care for your communities. You will hear from nonprofit partners, hospital leaders, and those who directly benefit from programs that promote employment and keep Marylanders housed and safe.

Like the Maryland Model, these initiatives are unique. We’ll leverage these activities to help key stakeholders understand how your hospitals support and sustain Maryland communities.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO
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