Still Heroes

February 28, 2022
It was two years ago this week that the first COVID-19 inpatients were admitted to Maryland hospitals.

As we enter this new phase in the pandemic, we reflect on the incredible strength and bravery of your hospital workforce. Cases and hospitalizations are reaching more manageable levels, and public attention on COVID has begun to wane. Yet, the state’s nurses, doctors, and other caregivers are still on the front lines fighting this pandemic, keeping us safe, and recovering from a 730-day campaign. They are still heroes.

MHA is recognizing this somber second anniversary by thanking your hospital heroes. One message, the video below, shows the ongoing support and gratitude Marylanders have for our workforce. We invite you and your teams to use the resources as well (access them here) to celebrate your employees.

This week we remember the losses, but also celebrate the 58,000 lives saved in Maryland alone during this pandemic. We are thankful for the strength and perseverance of your hospital workforce and mindful of the stress and strain they have endured.

Thank you. Your and your team’s dedication, flexibility, and skill have held our communities together throughout this crisis. It continues to be MHA’s privilege to support you.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO 
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