Sounding the Alarm

December 13, 2021

This week your hospitals hit a historic, unprecedented, and unwanted milestone—less than 500 available staffed beds across the state. This is the lowest number since the beginning of the pandemic.

At MHA we hear your concerns. We are working feverishly to sound the alarm. We are telling the public when to call a physician or go to urgent care, rather than stress an overtaxed emergency system. We are reminding them to wear masks and watch their distance and to get vaccinated and boosted.

Governor Hogan announced several measures on Friday meant to help, though we need more from him and other leaders.

Forcing cancellation of elective surgeries is not the answer. You have no patients in your hospitals whose treatment is by choice. Today’s patients—not just the ones with COVID—are even sicker than before. Your hospitals and health systems are already operating at crisis levels. You need protection and flexibility. Hospitals must be allowed to change care models to meet patient needs and sometime to transfer patients without consent and permissions. You must have a liability shield, financial support, and staffing solutions. This is our message to lawmakers and regulators.

During this critical time, your MHA team is here to have the tough conversations and to make sure your voice is heard. Let us know how else we can support you.  

Bob Atlas President & CEO
  • 2021
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