Change, Change and More Change in Annapolis

November 01, 2021
With two months to go before the next regular session of the Maryland General Assembly, there are many uncertainties. There is movement on the major players, key priorities, and even the format.The one thing we know for certain is change is afoot. And change translates as challenge.Maryland’s legislative landscape has shifted over the first three years of this term. There’s been 40% turnover in the state Senate. All four Senate committees have new chairs. Other key legislative leaders and staffers also are new to their roles.MHA also expects several legislative leadership changes to be announced before the 2022 regular session, which begins Jan. 12.Next year, Maryland will elect a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller. This will mark the first time in decades that no incumbent’s name will be on the ballot for all those positions at the same time.Change of this sort offers new opportunities for the hospital field to engage and educate legislators on our most pressing issues—like workforce, liability, and pandemic recovery.MHA’s councils and Executive Committee will firm up our fieldwide, member-driven priorities in the coming weeks. MHA will detail new advocacy strategies to strengthen our collective voice and face these headwinds together during a joint meeting Nov. 19 of your government affairs and public relations leads.Then, we’ll be going full force to advocate on your behalf, to help you to better care for Marylanders during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.Bob AtlasPresident & CEO 
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