Vaccination Push Grows

August 09, 2021
“Just get the damn vaccine.”

Gov. Larry Hogan’s message was clear during Thursday’s press conference: The state is focused on COVID-19 vaccination as our best hope to save lives and return to normal.

That’s why Gov. Hogan announced the state would follow the lead of Maryland hospitals in requiring that state employees at 48 facilities be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Those who are not vaccinated by Sept. 1 will be tested regularly for COVID.

State employees will not be alone. President Joe Biden announced two weeks ago that all civilian federal workers must be vaccinated in response to a spike in COVID cases nationwide tied to the highly contagious delta variant.

Hospitals across the country followed the example set by Maryland hospitals in announcing their own employees must be vaccinated. And since then, major private employers, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Ford, Delta Air Lines, and Tyson Foods, have followed suit.

Most Maryland hospitals have taken a similarly strong stance in support of vaccines. You’re promoting vaccination among your own staff and taking extraordinary steps to vaccinate your communities.

This pandemic is not over, and this summer surge is evidence that there is more work to do.

We believe collective effort around COVID vaccination is the answer. The health care field, government, and private sector employers must come together to encourage all Marylanders to be vaccinated and protect the state against further personal and economic loss.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO 
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