Celebrating Women in Health Care

March 15, 2021
From Elizabeth Blackwell to Virginia Apgar to Jennifer Doudna, women have long been at the forefront of medical innovation—breaking through barriers to build hospitals, invent technologies, and lead top medical organizations.

The ingenuity, vision, and drive of these pioneering women continues to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. We celebrate them this month, during Women’s History Month, but their impact is felt each day.

Here in Maryland, we know women make up the majority of our health care workforce. And, we have begun to see more women in the C-suites in our hospitals and health systems.

This is welcome progress, but the numbers show there is more work to do—with national data in 2019 showing just 13% of health care CEOs in the nation are female, and 15% here in Maryland.

To advance health care in Maryland, we must continue to grow the next generation of women health leaders. It’s gratifying to see current health executives—women especially but men, too—identifying, cultivating and mentoring the women health leaders of the future.

As we celebrate the many contributions of women in society, MHA appreciates their vital role in the success of our industry and our organizations.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO 
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  • 2021