Preparing for Potential Second Surge

September 28, 2020

Even as many parts of our state reopen to commerce, on-campus learning, and indoor recreation, there is reason to hope we’ve crushed the curve. Though there was that 20% spike in COVID inpatients two weeks after Labor Day weekend.

So, we remain concerned about a new surge of COVID-19 in late fall. Cases transmitted through more indoor contacts, including holiday gatherings, coupled with seasonal cases of flu, could further burden your facilities and caregivers.

We continue to encourage protective measures. And MHA members are aggressively promoting and giving flu vaccines. These are important steps to keep Marylanders healthy.

At MHA, we’re working with the State to ensure there’s capacity to treat a surge of coronavirus patients, plus flu sufferers, without having to curtail elective procedures.

Over the next week, the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) in conjunction with MHA, will schedule calls with hospital leaders to review capacity modeling.

MHA also leads a steering committee to track and replenish your supplies of PPE. Participants include MDH, hospital supply chain and emergency management leads, and regional officials. The aim: to have a more comprehensive statewide infrastructure plan for emergency PPE by mid-October.

We also want to ensure your dedicated caregivers are supported. They’ve more than earned the “health care heroes” moniker, but the pandemic has taken a serious toll on their mental and physical health.

To offer some protection during crisis times—the one we’re in now plus future ones—MHA will advance legislation, the Health Care Heroes Protection Act, to establish proper liability safeguards. Your MHA team and hospital CEOs have been carrying this message to legislative leaders.

We all hope a second wave never materializes, yet we must prepare for it. Please tell us what more you need to continue caring for Maryland.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO