50 Years of Advancing Health Care

September 14, 2020 By: Bob Atlas, President & CEO

This year, MHA celebrates its 50th anniversary. That’s 50 years working for and alongside you to advance health and health care in our state.

I speak for the entire MHA team when I say it’s a privilege to advocate and educate on your behalf.

MHA is truly a member-driven organization and has been since its formation. You set the tone and vision for health care in Maryland—and how your association can fulfill that vision.

Central to our work for much of the association’s history has been Maryland’s one-of-a-kind rate setting system, which begat the All-Payer Model and now the Total Cost of Care Model.

But there’s so much more we support you on. Quality of care. Community engagement. Health equity. Legislative matters. The list goes on.

Your shared mission to care for Marylanders is seeing our state through the deadliest pandemic in a century. Your dedicated caregivers—committed to keeping us healthy and hopeful during this challenging time—are true heroes.

To mark this milestone, take a moment to enjoy acknowledgement from leaders around the state and country.

And, be sure to visit our website, review a timeline of MHA’s history, interact on social media, and read the media release.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent your fine organizations; here’s to the next 50 years.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO