Back-to-School Challenges

August 31, 2020 By: Bob Atlas, President & CEO

The start of the school year is now just days away. On Thursday Gov. Larry Hogan announced all local school systems are authorized to open for in-person instruction. For most children in Maryland, that seems unlikely. Many jurisdictions, including the largest ones, have already decided to begin the school year virtually.

The challenges of opening schools during a global pandemic are formidable. We all want kids to have an in-person learning experience. Yet we need to weigh that against stopping the spread and protecting children and their families.

Prolonged distance learning takes a toll on hospital employees as they balance vital jobs while managing home-based schooling and securing safe, reliable childcare.

Whether instruction is online or in person, this school year is different. For those returning to campus, social distancing measures will be in place, masks will be standard, and hand hygiene will be required. None of that is easy for kids to follow consistently.

The stress of an unconventional school year, coupled with the threat of a spike of COVID-19 during flu season, risks straining our workforce severely. Hospitals’ dedicated caregivers—still on the frontlines of a pandemic—are juggling a lot, personally and professionally.

We’re here to support you and your hospital workforce so you can focus on what you do best: delivering life-saving care to all Marylanders.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO

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