Humanity During Crisis

April 06, 2020 By: Bob Atlas
In the toughest of times, we often see the best of humanity. That has been true during past crises and it is now.
Health care workers are stepping up to the front lines of this public health emergency—as they always do—more than earning the moniker of health care heroes. Communities are showing great support for them, with local businesses volunteering resources and our citizens donating their time, talents, and precious protective gear to your efforts to keep Maryland—and your workforce—safe.
Hospitals are celebrating caregivers by placing “Heroes Work Here” signs on your campuses, greeting those who leave the safety of their own homes each day to save others’ lives. Community members also are cheering your employees, participating in the national #Solidarityat8 effort and showing other welcome signs of encouragement.
Beyond your hospital walls, we’ve all been touched by selfless acts of kindness in our communities. Neighbors are helping neighbors, offering free meals to those who need it, checking in—virtually—with the elderly, and urging friends and families to practice social distancing to stop the spread.
We’ll continue to look for ways— like the video below —to showcase the incredible work you’re doing to keep Marylanders hopeful and healthy during this difficult time. As always, MHA—and all of Maryland—are behind you and ready to help you see our state through to better days.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO

Caregivers in Maryland hospitals are on the front line of the fight against COVID-19, working 24/7 to keep us healthy and hopeful during this challenging time.