The Playbook: Trust

March 30, 2020

So many are saying there’s no playbook for what we’re going through right now. You know better.

You’re working nonstop according to the health emergency protocols that were prepared for situations of this sort. What you’re battling most are challenges created outside your control, like the faulty supply chain of PPE and testing materials and ventilators.

Another thing you have in your playbook is this: When people are fearful, you are transparent and truthful.

We’re all seeing the misinformation and bizarre speculation flowing across social media. At MHA we’re flooded with questions from the traditional media that show deep misconceptions or simple ignorance. 

As we tamp down rumors and counteract falsehoods, we help the public and patients. It keeps people safe and limits the strain on the health care system.

Fortunately, hospitals and doctors are very trusted right now. A Gallup poll taken the week before last shows Americans overwhelmingly approve of the job hospitals are doing handling the response to the crisis: 88%. That’s above state governments (82%), elected federal leaders (60%), and the news media (44%).

And a CBS/YouGov poll taken the same week found 88% of Americans trust medical/health professionals about what to do regarding the virus. That beats the CDC (82%), governors (66%), the president (44%), and social media/online sources (23%).

You’ve earned that approval and that trust. It’s one of our best weapons in the war against COVID-19.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO