Next Phase in Coronavirus Response

March 16, 2020
This is a grave moment. The coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak is escalating. Fortunately, so is Maryland’s response to it. Hospitals are out front, working well with partners to protect the health of Marylanders.
Gov. Larry Hogan’s bold decision to close schools, along with other measures to limit social contacts, has wide-ranging effects on our hospitals, our communities, and our lives. But it’s the right thing to do. We expect to hear even more from him mid-day Monday.
So many of you have been running full throttle over the weekend. MHA is working directly with state officials—who are really going above and beyond—both to advise them and to convey information to and from hospitals. Thanks to all of you who’ve fulfilled our requests so quickly.
A priority of the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) is to increase COVID-19 testing capability: More collection sites, more testing sites, more volume per site, less consumption of personal protective equipment. They’ve gotten more helpful in guiding physicians on how to screen and refer patients for testing.
We joined with MDH and the Maryland State Department of Education to find childcare solutions for health care workers so they can perform their lifesaving duties. They’re thinking creatively about sites and staffing, and cost coverage.
We were at the table Sunday with top MDH staff and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, planning for the expected surge in cases. Plus, we’re looking at the best uses of federal waivers approved Friday night that will allow flexibility in where patients are placed.
The people of Maryland’s hospitals and health systems are amazing! Our hospitals are prepared to take on all manner of emergency. We’re fortunate our state is taking this pandemic seriously. MHA is as well, and our team is here for you as you care for Maryland 24/7.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO