Looking to the ‘20s

December 26, 2019 By: Bob Atlas, President & CEO
As we enter the holiday time and reflect on the year now ending, it’s striking how many challenges the Maryland hospital field faced and what you’ve accomplished.
The new Total Cost of Care Model launched and you blew through the first year’s savings target. You built upon quality achievements from the previous model of lower readmissions and 30-day mortality.
In 2019 you more forcefully addressed the social needs of patients and disparities in health outcomes.
And we’ve seen changes of control, facility reconfigurations, and leadership changes as our hospitals and health systems innovate and transform care to meet future needs.
In this incredibly busy year for Maryland hospitals, MHA has been right there with you as advocate, convener, problem solver, and thought leader.
Through it all, the field, by working together on shared interests and for the benefit of all the people of Maryland, enters the 2020s better connected and therefore stronger.
It has been my pleasure to work with so many of you. Your dedication and compassion are clear. You work hard to build up your businesses and communities—to make Maryland a better place for all who live here.
Through the holidays, we will recharge and gear up for the 2020 legislative session. It will be an uphill battle and we’re up to the challenge.
Wishing you, your family, and your hospital or health system team a safe and healthy holiday season and a very happy New Year!