Working as One, Moving as One

October 01, 2019 By: Bob Atlas, President & CEO

Your hospitals compose the Maryland Hospital Association, and in turn, the association is the hospitals. Your needs, concerns and direction drive our work. And, thus MHA’s success is yours.

That’s why your expertise and guidance are so valued and are vital to our work.

MHA’s governance councils, work groups and task forces shape MHA’s priorities. Our dedicated staff use this guidance to advocate on your behalf year-round.

Our board is made up of all member CEOs who elect an Executive Committee that sets overall strategy. We have three governing councils guiding our main workstreams of financial policy, clinical and quality issues, and legislative and regulatory policy. And, we have many work groups and task forces that delve deeper into specific concerns and opportunities.

This year, we’ve created a few new member-engaged teams to look at Medicaid systems of care, health equity, and workforce diversity and inclusion. These groups’ charters show how hospitals and MHA are expanding beyond just the model contract and Medicare to fuller care transformation.

We’re also aiming to get more input via phone calls, one-on-one visits, and fieldwide surveys – though we always strive to minimize intrusion into your time.

MHA succeeds in driving its mission and message thanks to each of you.

While we come from different regions and your hospitals face different challenges, we are most effective when we come together as a field. It’s been that way since your MHA was established nearly 50 years ago. And it continues to be your association.