A Fresh Perspective on Patient Experience

May 20, 2019 By: Bob Atlas

Maryland’s hospitals have steadily raised their patient experience scores. And, while our hospitals are improving faster than the nation, it has not been enough to close the gap. Delivering a consistently positive experience to all patients remains a challenge.

That is why MHA launched a pilot program with five hospitals aimed at re-energizing your teams to continue to improve patient experience. Each member hospital that participated in this pilot program visited a peer hospital and hosted a one-day site visit for another peer hospital. Through the program, peers offered guidance, support, and fresh perspectives on what works and on opportunities to improve patient experience.

Findings from the program and useful tools and resources were showcased during MHA’s Patient Experience Shared Learnings Conference last Friday.

Pilot participants shared use of data that supports improvement rather than data overload, effective rounding techniques that engage patients as well as software that support these efforts, and organizational structures that support hospitals’ focus and alignment on select goals rather than too many.

Hospital participants identified their next steps including use of the staff engagement tools provided and interest in participating in the peer-to-peer program, and refocus on rounding and use of data.

We will share outputs in this newsletter in the coming weeks.

Not surprising, a key to success and sustaining performance is leadership support at the highest levels. Also needed is engagement of staff beyond those on the front lines with patients.

We’ll continue to bring you resources and tools to help you improve patient experience and provide effective platforms to encourage shared learning.