Weekly Messages From MHA

Weekly Message From MHA

New Faces, New Opportunities

November 12, 2018 By: Bob Atlas

Last Tuesday’s midterm elections have shaken up the political landscape – both nationally and here in Maryland.

At the federal level, Democrats regained control of the United States House of Representatives for the first time in almost a decade, with health care at the top of the Democratic congressional campaign platform this year.

In Maryland, while Larry Hogan became the first Republican governor to be re-elected since 1954, the General Assembly will look substantially different come January. At least 40 percent of the Maryland Senate and nearly a third of the House will be new.

Committee makeup will change significantly with new members and leadership. Notably, the Senate Finance, Budget & Taxation Committee and the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs committees will have new chairs and vice chairs. In the House of Delegates, the Judiciary Committee will have new leadership for the first time in more than a quarter century.

All of this change poses both challenges and opportunities. It’s crucial that lawmakers understand the vital role of hospitals and value Maryland’s unique model brings to the state. With some of the field’s long-time friends having left the arena, it’s important to forge new relationships and support emerging champions.

Your MHA team has been working since the primary elections to educate both expected new and those returning legislators receiving new committee assignments on the ways they can help address the important concerns of hospitals and health systems.

I’m very pleased to say that MHA’s government affairs team is well prepared for the hard work ahead. They’ve been coordinating strategy with your own government affairs leaders for months. Together, we will ensure that public policy in Maryland enables hospitals and health systems to serve their communities well and make Marylanders healthier.