Weekly Messages From MHA

Weekly Message From MHA

Labor of Love

August 31, 2018 By: Bob Atlas

On Monday, as Marylanders throughout the state celebrate the unofficial end of summer, tens of thousands of women and men will head to work in Maryland’s hospitals.

Their mission: to care for those who need them.

This isn’t just the case on holidays. It’s their mission every day of the year, when more than 100,000 nurses, doctors, technicians, environmental service workers, and others go to work at one of Maryland’s hospitals and health systems.

We at your Maryland Hospital Association are grateful for their dedication. The people who make it their life’s work to serve others in hospitals are special and they deserve recognition.

As hospital associates serve others, hospital leaders, in turn, are called to serve those who work for their organizations. Their responsibility is to cultivate an environment where associates can thrive, where they carry out their duties with both professionalism and compassion, and where they find joy in their work.

MHA is turning its attention to the workplace in the coming months and will seek opportunities to help hospitals build more robust, inclusive and engaged workforces. Stay tuned as we return from our executive committee retreat in September with some strategies.

Labor Day was established to honor of the social and economic achievements of American workers. For Maryland’s hospitals, those achievements are significant. More than 8 percent of Maryland’s total workforce is supported by hospital employment, generating more than a $12 billion annual impact on the state’s overall labor income and benefits. 

That means Maryland’s hospital team members support our state in ways that go far beyond health care. In many communities, hospitals are not only the largest employers, but also social and economic pillars.

We must never lose sight of our true north: people – our patients, our fellow community members, and those who work with us every day.