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Taking Stock on Care Transformation

March 16, 2018 By: Bob Atlas

Earlier this week, Maryland Health Secretary Bobby Neall sent a formal request to care transformation leaders at every hospital to help build an inventory of hospital-led transformation efforts. I want to underscore that request and invite a high level of participation.

The inventory is being developed for Maryland’s Stakeholder Innovation Group (SIG), which MHA is spearheading to help align incentives for providers across the care continuum as we move to the next phase of the All-Payer Model. As a reminder, Secretary Neall several months ago requested the formation of a hospital-driven group to identify the most promising areas for innovation.

The new Enhanced Total Cost of Care Model will build on the cost containment and quality improvements realized under the current model, adding emphasis on increasing savings across all health care settings. This will not be easy, and it will require extraordinary cooperation and information-sharing among all providers. That’s why it’s important to create a comprehensive catalog of the good work you’ve been doing. It will help in several ways:

  • Initiatives can be identified that may be candidates for additional investment, either by individual organizations or on a larger scale
  • Providers can consider applying effective innovations in their own organizations
  • New community partners that can enhance your current work can be identified
  • Health care providers on the front lines can set their own course for the future of care delivery

To build this inventory, we ask that hospitals please complete this survey by April 6. Consider submitting a handful of your most innovative programs that focus on improving population health and reducing costs. These programs may be part of national initiatives (e.g., Accountable Care Organizations) or may be "home-grown."

We appreciate your quick attention to this important effort.

If you have questions, contact Nicole Stallings at