Legislative Advocacy

Advocating for Maryland's Hospitals, Patients and Communities

Maryland's hospitals are pillars of their communities and account for roughly $32 billion annually in Maryland's economic landscape. As the advocate for hospitals and the patients they serve, the Maryland Hospital Association works to ensure that hospitals are able to meet the needs of their communities.

Through a unique agreement with Medicare that allows the state to set the rates hospitals charge, more than $2 billion in federal funds comes to Maryland each year. As states throughout the nation grapple with rising health care costs, this system controls expenses by providing hospitals a fixed annual budget to care for all patients. The system ensures that all patients, whether they have Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or pay on their own, pay the same price for the same service at the same hospital. However, the agreement stipulates that the state’s hospitals must achieve specific spending limits, meet quality improvement goals and make communities demonstrably healthier.

Through our legislative advocacy work, the Maryland Hospital Association works to preserve Maryland's unique, egalitarian health care system.