Bob Atlas, President & CEO

Bob Atlas

Bob Atlas became president and CEO of the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) in March 2018. MHA serves as a strategic resource for Maryland’s 64 hospitals and health systems, and the communities and patients they serve.

As hospitals’ chief advocate, Bob is leading MHA as the state and its hospitals are in the midst of augmenting Maryland’s unique “All Payer Model,” under which the state regulates the rates hospitals can charge patients. An upcoming 10-year enhancement of that model will include not just hospitals, but other providers as well, from physicians to long-term care facilities, in a continued effort to improve health care quality while reining in costs.

Atlas has a long history addressing challenges in health policy. In 2015-16, while serving as president of the health care and life sciences consultancy EBG Advisors, Bob led an effort with Maryland officials to integrate care for Marylanders who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Prior to that he served as an independent advisor on Medicaid reform to North Carolina’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Previous positions include executive vice president and COO of Avalere Health and president of The Lewin Group, both nationally respected health care consulting firms, where his practice focused on health care delivery and payment. Earlier he was vice president at Jurgovan & Blair, Inc., supporting the formation of the managed care industry and the growth of what is now Medicare Advantage. He launched his career as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service.

Atlas holds an M.B.A. in health administration and finance from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has lived in Montgomery County for 34 years and part time for the past 10 years in Talbot County.