FAQ and Site Guide

Welcome to the new MHAOnline.org!

Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions and a short guide to some new features on our new website. Please contact our webmaster if you have any questions.


I already have a log-in for MHA's website. Why do I have to create a new account?

We need you to create a new account because the only information we have from the old website is your name and email address. The new website offers Member Forums that will be exclusive to several groups (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) and in order to keep those private and only accessible by CEOs, CFOs, etc., we must have current information from all users.

Staff at Maryland hospitals and Corporate Affiliate Members of MHA are eligible for membership.

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You've moved things around and I can't seem to find them anymore. Help!

The site has been redesigned and the menus have been updated to make navigation more intuitive and, ultimately, faster. Early on, we understand this maybe a challenge because you are used to finding things in certain places. We hope that as you familiarize yourself with the site, you will be able to more easily access the information you need.

The new site has a much improved SEARCH engine and keyword navigation that will help should you have trouble locating what you're looking for.

The monthly financial dashboard can be found under the Transforming Health Care menu, then Tracking Our All-Payer Experiment, then Waiver Dashboard.

I've searched and I still can't find something that used to be on your site. Help!

We have archived the old site and can provide older content that may not have migrated over to the new site. Contact our webmaster with details on what you are looking for.

How is your new site organized?

Here is what you will find under our primary menus.

  • Transforming Health Care: Includes two main sections. The first is Tracking Our All-Payer Experiment (this page and its sub-pages focus on Maryland's unique Medicare waiver, the monthly financial dashboard, the drill-down reports that are released every month, and information about the progress of the HSCRC's waiver work groups). The second is Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Communities (this page and its sub-pages focus on improving quality, particularly around readmissions, population health, and complications).
  • Advocacy: Includes two main sections: Regulatory (focusing on work related to the HSCRC, MHCC and DHMH) and Legislative (focusing on work related to the General Assembly and Congress).
  • Events: This section includes a Calendar of Events where you can filter to find specific past, current and future events. Once you find that event, you can click the entry to find more details and materials for the event (when available). Another item within the Events section is the page for MHA's Annual Membership Meeting. 
  • Connect: This section contains messages From MHA's President and feeds from Facebook and Twitter on the MHA and Members on Social Media page.
  • Resources: This section includes MHA Publications, Multimedia and Infographics, Press Releases, and Presentations and Talking Points. You can also find information on Community Benefits, health-related issues like the flu (on the Consumer page) and emergency medicine (Ebola page). In the future, when certain timely topics (like Ebola) need a dedicated page, you will likely find them here.
  • About MHA: Here you can find pictures and biographies of our Leadership team, information about and meeting minutes (members only) from our Executive Committee and councils, a list of Member Hospitals and Systems, and information on our affiliates and allies. This is also where members register for an account in order to access members-only materials.

New Features

Social Media

The home page of our newly-designed site offers a snapshot of the current Twitter feeds of many of our member hospitals. We hope this will be a place where you can visit often to get a feel for what is going on in the social media world of hospitals. In addition, you can find Facebook and Twitter feeds from many of our hospitals on the MHA and Member Hospitals on Social Media page under the Connect menu.

Go to MHA and Member Hospitals on Social Media

From MHA's President

Every Monday we will post the message from MHA's President and CEO, Bob Atlas, that was included in our weekly newsletter. 

Go to MHA Weekly Messages


Our new website is mobile-friendly and can be viewed on any mobile device!

No more getting booted if you're already logged in

You may have noticed that on our old site, if you navigated away from the site by clicking on an outside link and then navigated back to our site, you would have to log in again. On this new site, you will remain logged in and will only be logged off after a period of inactivity. 

Catch-all Resources Section

Our Resources section will be a one-stop shop for important resources you're looking for.